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    It’s like paintball for beginners.  All the mess, all the fun, but not nearly the pain!


    Children 8 years and up can finally join in the paintball game.  It’s a great way to get kids away from video games and sneak in exercise.  Fathers and sons especially love this bonding experience.  But don’t let that fool you, girls like to play too.  JT Splatmaster paintball teaches basic paintball safety and etiquette. 


    Adults love it too!  It’s all the paintball experience without the pain and expensive gear.  It’s safe, easy and cost effective.Splatmaster Paintball


    This low impact JT Splatmaster combat uses smaller paintballs and special spring loaded guns that are easy to cock, pull and shoot.  Thanks to battery power versus Co2 power, the velocity speeds of Splatmaster ammo is only 110-150 feet per second.  This gives the warrior a chance to see the paintball fly thru the air and splat everywhere.  Yet the mark smith is still extremely accurate and has a fun range of 50 to 100+ feet.  Real paint is used for ammo.  They are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, resists stains and completely washable of course.  Paint breaks upon contact to give the game more splat fun!


    Since ammo is designed to break easily, impact is hardly felt.  At times, close range hits may feel like a minor rubber band snap.  But there is definitely no debate if one was hit or not due to the awesome splat, yet no black and blue body marks left after the game.   Goggles are required to protect the eyes and ammo should never be shot in close range to the face.


    Games are played via RSVP only.  Groups of 4 to 24 can play together on one of our

    two indoor fields;

    Astroturf speed ball field


    our realistic urban environment.


    Each JT Splatmaster gun comes with 15 rounds per game, for 8 games.  Games typically last 5-10 minutes.  When you’re out of ammo, you’re out of the game.  This allows younger warriors to enjoy the full environment without getting splat out right away.



    FAQ –

    What is the difference between paintball and Splatmaster?

    • The biggest difference is the gun and ammo.  The pistol is powered by battery and it only shoots at 110-150 feet per second.  Whereas a typical Co2 powered paintball gun shoots at 300 feet per second.  Ammo is also designed differently.  Splatmaster ammo has a special shell that makes the ball splat easier and especially at lower speeds.


    Can I use my Paintball Goggles?

    • Yes.  You may use your own goggles or ours.  But you cannot use safety glasses.  Goggles are required to play.


    What should I wear?

    • Although ammo from JT Splatmaster is completely washable with water and non-staining, our paintball fields may be shared with previous paintball fun.  Therefore, we suggest you do not wear your Sunday best or clothes you would be upset if get stained.


    Recent 3rd Party review of the Splatmaster and what you can expect for your kids


  • ***MUST BE 8 YEARS OR OLDER TO PLAY splatmaster***
did you know?

you can Urban Warfare paintball feild for special events such as:
Bachalor Parties
team building
Team Practice
Birthday Parties