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  • By adapting real paintball markers, Paintball Laser Tag is the new realistic and paintless way to play paintball indoors or outdoors.



    We’re different from any other laser tag you’ve played.  Our modified paintball guns give you the real look and feel, without the pain and mess!


    Play laser tag in an urban setting!Paintball Laser Tag


    Want something different to do?  Don’t like the pain of paintball?  Try our laser tag.  It’s different from most laser tag outfits.   We’ve modified our paintball guns to give you a real look and feel of combat, but without the pain or mess!


    Laser tag is a great group bonding activity, a fun way to get off the couch for exercise, and a unique way to release stress from everyday life.  But please don’t wear your Sunday bests, you might get carried away and roll around to avoid that laser.  No bulky, heavy, awkward chest strap or sweaty, suffocating mask required for this game.  You really get the freedom to run around like a true warrior!


    It is a perfect corporate event because it isn’t as intimidating or fearful as paintball.  Therefore, more will participate; bringing them closer together and excelling in strategic thinking against their opponents.  .

    Talk about a unique Bachelor or Bachelorette party!  Laser tag not only brings out the competitiveness and laughs in people; it’s also less offensive than an adult entertainment club. 


    Kid birthday parties are so hard to plan, especially in the winter.  There are so few unique indoor alternatives in town.  Laser tag is enjoyed by both girls and boys.  It’s perfect for a co-ed indoor party.  With the minimum age of 5, all grade school, junior high, high school and college students will enjoy this memorable event. 



    FAQ –


    Do I need a reservation or can I just walk up to play?

    • Unlike paintball, laser tag is by RSVP only.  A minimum of 4 warriors are needed to start the game and a maximum of 12 warriors will be allowed to play at once.

    What is the minimum age to play? 

    • Children too young to play regular paintball (age 18) can play laser tag with no problem.  Warriors 5 years of age and older are welcome to play.  Parents of young children will need to use their judgment on the child’s ability to hold the 10-12lb gun.

    Will we get dirty? What should I wear?

    • Depends on how intense you get with the game and how much rolling around you do.  Laser tag is played on the same indoor fields as our regular washable paintball.  Therefore, we do not recommend wearing your Sunday bests or anything that is not machine washable.  We recommend layers.  Depending on the time of year and the field chosen to participate on, layers are easier

    Do you have any lockers for valuables?

    • We do NOT have lockers at this time.  There is a staging area and observation room where coats and documents can be left.  Valuables should be left in a safe place in the automobile.

    How long are games or recommended length?

    • Games are played in 6 x 10 minute sessions.  Your laser monitor gives you 10 lives before you are out of session.  No refs are involved, but spot checks are made by staff to ensure safety and compliance.  It can be a very intense workout, so the more fit you are the longer you’ll be able to go.  For those who hate to exercise, this is a fun way to burn calories without the mundane typical fitness environment.  There are barriers for hiding for those less excited to move.

    Which is harder, paintball or laser tag?

    • It comes down to personal preference.  With paintball not only can it hurt, but you can be tagged via any part of the gun or body – feet, shoulder, limbs, head, etc.  With laser tag, one has to be more precise and hit the receiver.  Thus the game can be longer and more challenging.  There is no fear of the pain since the laser is never felt.  It’s like having a tv remote pointed to you.

    What are other names for this game?

    • Laser tag is also referred to lasertag, lazer tag, lazertag, paintball laser tag, paintball lasertag.

    What brand system do we use?

    • We use only the best.  Tippman, a well-known quality brand for paintball has revolutionized the laser tag game.  They take a regular paintball gun, modify the barrel, and use a co2 tank for sound effect only. 

    Do I need ear protection? Do you have ear protection?

    The decibels that the Co2 tank fires at are do NOT require ear protection.  We do not have any ear plugs for sale or rental.  You are welcome to bring your own for those individuals with sensitive ears.         

  • This video was not shot at Urban Warfare but will give you a good idea on what to expect.

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you can Urban Warfare paintball feild for special events such as:
Bachalor Parties
team building
Team Practice
Birthday Parties