The biggest Paintball fields in Illinois

We have acres of fun waiting for you and your friends Free Air and Ammo available for parties of 10 or more.


Square feet

Staging area with lockers big enough for all your gear and paint.


Players per battle

on each team keep the action going until the last man, woman or child is left standing.


Battles hosted

Each and every month including AirSoft, speedball, tournaments, and open games.


Days of activities

are planned for those long weekends when you want to get away. We have a tent camping area and seperate full RV hookups available.


The fastest AirSoft arena

in the US. If AirSoft is more your speed you are going to love our fields. They were designed and constructed with the help of some of the best veteran AirSoft players in the country.

Choose a perfect paintball package
for your day.

Groups get a huge discount so please ask wehn you call

and answers

1What Kind of marker are in the package rentals?
We have a large selection of markers available and you get to choose at the receipt of your deposit to hold your spot for the day. He is just a sort list for 2019 There are many more and a full brakdown will be provided. Why not now? We are getting new markers in all the time and to be honest we dont want to keep changing the webosite every ten minnutes when we score a beauty.
2What is Woodsball?
  • Woodsball
  • It is the most popular type of paintball by far. Woodsball (also known as woods paintball, hillball or bushball) is a format of paintball gaming, in which players compete in a natural outdoors area using paintball guns to mark opponents.
    3What is Speedball?
    Speedball or Tournament Paintball is a team game played on a small, symmetrical field filled with artificial terrain such as inflatable bunkers. Players start at the back of the field, (the top of the diagram below), and games usually last several minutes.
    4What is Recball?
    It stands for recreation ball, therefore anything that is non-tournament play. When you get together with some of your friends and play, The term is used pretty loosley so using it should not get you strange looks unless you are in a paintball tourny.
    5Do you have Miisim
    Of course we do. We even have a few tanks parked out back ready to go to battle at a moments notice. In case you were wondering. Miilsim means Tactical military simulation. Its often joined with people dressing up or going though a long battle and planning. Its reaaly fun over a long weekend when you an stay in character through the night and attack the enemy.

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